Last time on the blog we shared the FULL reveal of #theogdenproject kitchen + entry! And today we’re back to show you what this spaced looked like before our team jumped in! The results of this transformation are night and day. And it’s always fun to look back to see where you started and how far you’ve come. So if you’re interested in learning about where we began and our process of design, read on my friends!

Check out this kitchen before! It was chuck full of the classic outdates. Travertine floor tile, cherry wood cabinets that stopped before the ceiling, laminate countertops, black appliances, etc, etc, etc! Let’s just say not one thing stayed. We gutted and tore apart every single corner of this kitchen! And gave our client a beautiful updated space with crisp white everything that would allow this small space to feel big and open! 

Before we begin any project, we always start by sourcing inspiration to get us going! We ask the client to come up with images that really speak to them. As well, we try to find spaces that have been executed in a similar way our client is imagining theirs to look. Below, we’re sharing all the photos we hung on to during this remodel! All of which spoke to us and inspired the look of our final designs. 

image source

image source

image source unknown

image source

We loved how within each of these spaces, the designers found a way to do “an all white kitchen” with balance! They found a way to break up the white and warm up the space in different ways such a nicely toned hard wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, brass hardware, wood barstools, etc. We took each of these things into consideration as we moved forward with the designs of our kitchen remodel. 

I would say our biggest challenge with this kitchen was space planning. But I truly believe we came up with the best solution! By knocking out the wall that once closed off the kitchen from the entry (see photo below) we were able to fudge enough space to add a small kitchen island! This gave us room to house our new microwave and add barstool seating that wouldn’t eat into the living space. Say goodbye to our L-Shaped kitchen layout and say hello to a much more open and function kitchen space!

This entire home got a new layer of paint. Including the dark outdated staircase and railing! This small update really impacted the space for the better! We left it feeling much more airy! That’s right, we ripped that shag carpet right off and refinished each step for a much more up to date look!

As with any remodel, this project came with some un-forseen challenges. But because of the hard work of a great team we were smooth sailing for the most part! We will truly miss working with all of our trades and especially our loving client! But can’t wait to show you what projects we have in store for you next! Until then! 




Hi friends! So I know this post needed to happen a long long time ago. I KNOW! But per usual, we’ve been keeping it crazy busy over here at Ames Interiors. And I’ve only just now been able to collect myself and pause to write a blog post! So I’m sorry it’s overdue but without further ado, I bring to you The Ogden Project Kitchen photo reveal + sources!

Kitchen Range | Cabinet Hardware

Now, don’t be fooled. Our behind the scenes/before + afters/ process of design post will be coming up next! But before we delve into all of that, we want to be sure we share all the sources to products we used to create this space! So if you’re in the process of making over your kitchen or are in the market for some new kitchen accessories… read on! 

Kitchen Pot Filler

As mentioned before, our client wanted to keep every space in the home light and bright! To create this look we matched our white backsplash tile with a white grout for an all around vibrant look. 

Cutting Boards | Similar Wood Bowls

We went with a white quartz countertop to again, keep everything as minimal as possible. We selected an option with small veining to  add interest but not look too distracting. The texture the slightly veined countertop gave helped this space from not looking too bland and boring. 


Apron Front Sink | Sink Faucet

One way we added contrast in this all white kitchen was by going with a not so typical stainless steel apron front sink. We loved how this choice mixed it up from our all white everything else!

Storage Canisters | Similar Wood Bowl |  Air Plant | French Mustard Pot | Carved Wood Spoons

Striped Vase

We get many a questions about these open shelves and where we got them from. The shelves you see here were totally custom built. But if you’re looking for another great resource, we love SEMI HANDMADE.

Black Colander | Maple Board | Blackline Board | White Lion Bowls | Glass Cups

We love the vibrant pop of color these yellow lemons give to the space! It’s the perfect way to bring in some color and charm to your kitchen countertops. 

Olivewood Spoons | Stoneware Bottle | Stoneware Crock | Striped Bowls

If you’re a plant killer like I am, try for faux stems in a vase. We love how much impact greenery can add to your home, but live is not always everyone’s preferred option. Shop our favorite faux branches by clicking HERE.

Kitchen Microwave

We’re head over heels for the results of our kitchen island. The client loved the look of a waterfall edge, but didn’t want it to look super modern. So we added a shaker panel to the bottom of each side for a more traditional take! 

Kitchen Refrigerator | Kitchen Pendants

We’re obsessed with the lighting selections in this space! The perfect mix of traditional and modern. 

Similar Wall Sconce

Wood Counter Stools

One of our favorite additions to our client’s new kitchen build is this floor to ceiling glass cabinet! But we love anything open display. We think this section is the perfect place to store your china and not so every day use kitchenware. As well as some cute decor for good measure! 

Tall Cream Crackled Planter | Round Cream Crackled Planter | Teak Wood Vase

Woven Basket | White DishwareTerrazzo Plates | Similar Driftwood Branch Candlesticks 

Floor Pillows

Just off the kitchen is the unit’s entry space. We’re in love with the transformation of the winding staircase. And can’t get enough of this cute and simple landing area!

Ceramic Bells 

And to answer the additional questions of paint colors, here you go! For interior wall color click HERE. For kitchen cabinet color click HERE

Thanks for tuning in on #theogdenproject kitchen reveal! We hope these sources have been helpful to you. Stick around for our very last post on this project as we talk all things reno and design for this area! Until next time!




Today on the blog we will be revealing the final images of the Ogden Project Powder Bath! Since this is such a small space, we’ll be combining both posts for this one! So today you’re seeing both the reveal of images and details + the before photos and process of design. So without further ado, our merriment of a bold and classic powder bath design: 

Wall Sconces | Accent Mirror | Sink Faucet | Free-Standing Vanity

Here’s the vanity before vs. the vanity after. Quite the update! Let me walk you through a couple of reasons this vanity style on the left registers as so outdated:

1) Cherry wood cabinetry. Any type of wood stain with a red or orange undertone is truthfully out of date. 

2) Gaps between your cabinet doors and drawers. For an updated look, new door fronts that meet at each corner is a great idea. 

3) When your “under-mount” sink is actually sitting on top of the countertop, say goodbye! 

4) When your sink faucet extends out of your faux “under-mount” sink, adios!

5) Plastic laminate countertops. A good source of making your bathroom look cheap and outdated. Let’s add a comment here about the back and side splashes as well. I would say a countertop backsplash is okay! But if you’re wanting to keep an updated + modern look, remove that side splash! Your vanity will thank you later!

6) When your TP holder is mounted to the side of your vanity. Finding a space on the wall is a MUCH better choice here! 

If your vanity hits one or all of these bullet points, it could be time to save for something new! In the case of this project, we went with a freestanding vanity from Restoration Hardware. Our client really loved the idea of doing something different for this bath with an open concept (because we all know that  in powder baths, you don’t need much storage space!) And we love the selection she landed on. 

We’re in love with these Cedar & Moss wall sconces we used! We debated whether or not to mount just one  – but in the end, loved how bold and striking the two looked together! And for those of you who question whether or not it’s acceptable to mix metals. We’ve done it all here as proof that yes, you can! We love how the matte black, brass and chrome finishes marry each other so perfectly in this space. 

Shower Faucet | Shower Curtain

Here’s a look at the other side of the bathroom now! And our motives for updates here were simple: get rid of the tub + plastic tub surround and outdated faucetry. Our client wanted to keep this space simple so we went with a white subway. Again, we went with a matching white grout to keep everything looking clean & bright! 

Floor Tile | Hardwood 

Last but not least, let’s talk about the floor tile for this bath! We’re absolutely obsessed with these zellige hex tiles from Cle. The nature of their “hand-made” look add so much texture and dimension to an all white bath! And they transition SO beautifully to the hardwood flooring we used throughout the home. What a stunning contrast, if you ask me! 

So there you have it. The make of #theogdenproject powder bath! Up next: the kitchen. So stay tuned to get all the links and details! 



Last time on the blog we shared images from our remodel of  #theogdenproject master bath. It’s always so much fun to reveal the after photos of a project and to bask in how it all came together! But just as fun, is the sharing of the before photos. So you can get an even better taste at how this space looked before we dug into it! Today, we’re here to talk about all things renovation and remodel! The state of this master suite before, the process of design and remodeling, plus how to re-create a similar look in your own home! 

So let’s jump back to October 13, 2017 when I walked through this space for the first time:

On the left was the state of the bathroom as we first saw it. Quite the transformation, if you ask me! So let’s chat through the items we knew we needed to address right away:

1. Replace the flush mount ceiling fixture – obviously not the style we were going for!

2. Remove the unnecessary soffit lighting. Leave it to me to be the first one to tell you to get rid of these bad boys! Not only are they an eyesore, but they also close in your space making it feel smaller, heavier and like the ceiling height is lower than it actually is. Definitely not what we want! I couldn’t believe how just the removal of that piece alone, opened up the space and made it feel so much bigger! Bye bye!

3. Replace small mirrors with one large one to fill the space. Scale is key in designing any space appropriately! Not only do these tiny mirrors make it harder to get ready in front of, but they make the space feel dinky too. Great choice for words, I know! But nonetheless, very true. 

4. Remove double sinks. Not to say that this layout is bad! But in our case, only one person would be using this bath- so only one sink was in order. It’s very easy, when taking on a remodel project, to just update according to what’s existing. For example, leaving the vanity with a double sink layout. But you have to design according to your needs. Since this is now your space!

5. Along with removing the double sinks comes building an all new vanity and sourcing all new plumbing + countertop material. 

6. All new floor tile. Nothing screams outdated like a good beige travertine does! 

7. Demo the shower and tub completely. You can see from the before photo how confined the tub/shower duo looked in the space. You can thank pony walls and plastic tub/shower surrounds for that! This tub had a half wall on either end which ate into the space way too much! Therefore a pretty free-standing soaker tub was in order! 

8. Last but not least, all new paint. Since this bathroom gets absolutely no natural light to it, fresh white walls deemed necessary to have! A great way to not only update the space but make it feel lighter, brighter and bigger!

After creating your bullet list of items that are necessary to address, it’s important to also map out how you want them to change. In the case of this remodel, the only sort of direction the client gave me was WHITE! So we began scanning the world wide web for inspiration on an all white bathroom. 

In most cases, a very white bathroom will be contrasted in one of three ways:

1. A dark floor tile

Design Via: Prairie Home Styling

2. A warm wood vanity

Design Via: Studio McGee

3. A dark contrasting grout

Design Via: The Effortless Chic

You don’t tend to see many white on white on white bathroom designs. And for good measure! Contrast is important in helping a space not look too stark and bland. But in the case of our client, none of these were worthy options! So how do you go about designing an all white space?

Add texture. We found that one of the ways to incorporate texture in the space was through our shower tile. Using a white Carrara Marble tile not only allowed the space to still come across as looking all white- but gave it that extra balance it needed. For the vanity backsplash we went with a handmade white subway. Even though it added just the faintest of texture, it still provided an extra layer of something to the space! 

Finishes. You may have heard the phrase, “the jewelry of your home.” This includes lighting, plumbing, mirror and hardware options! In other words, the finishing touches! It was through these options we felt it important to bring in some contrast! Lucky for us, you can’t find many options of faucets and hardware that come in white 😉 So here is where we added in a mixture of chrome and black finishes. Why not go with all black finishes for everything, some may ask? Well, we could have. But we felt like the two finishes added more interest to the space!

And finally, accessories. Here’s where we felt it very critical to bring in actual colors and wood tones. Take the abstract artwork and vintage dough bowl and stool for example! Each of these items added the final layer of warmth the space needed to feel live-able. 

Hopefully this post is helpful for any of you trying to recreate a similar white bathroom look in your home! Make sure to keep scrolling if you have yet to see all the revealed photos of this bathroom update! And stay tuned for the reveal of the powder bath and kitchen coming soon!




I cannot tell you how excited we are to finally be able to share photos of this project! It was a long labor of love, this remodel, and what felt like an eternity waiting for LONNY’S FEATURE to go live! But in the end, it was all worth the wait! Today we’re starting off with the master bathroom! And let me tell you– we’re obsessed with the transformation of this master suite. See why below:

Freestanding Tub | Wall-Mounted Tub Faucet | Artwork

We get endless amounts of questions on this bathtub every time it’s shared to our social media sites! So here’s the link again! If you’re in the market for something similar, I promise you won’t be disappointed! It’s large size and modern shape are the most perfect combination a girl (or boy) could ever dream of. 

Wooden Dough Bowl – Vintage | Sponges

And of course, I cannot emphasize enough the love that I have for this wall-mounted faucet! Newport Brass faucetry for the win! The operation and function of this piece alone, is stunning! But the details it displays are a major focal point to this bathroom! 

Teak Wood Stool – Vintage | Brushes

Now, let’s talk about shower shall we? Because I just can’t handle how much I love these custom frameless glass shower doors by Jeske Glass. If every shower could have two walls of tile and two walls of glass panels, I’d be one happy designer! I love how much drama and attention they give to the space. 

Nestled inside our beautiful shower glass doors is a stunning Carrara Marble subway. We love how this straight stack lay gives it a more modern feel. And can’t believe how beautifully the random veining looks all laid together!

Flushmount Ceiling Fixture

Let’s just take a second to mention the room’s center of attention, this Parisian Architectural Clear Glass Flushmount fixture from Restoration Hardware! It literally made all of our lighting dreams come true. We went with the 16″ size for a more bold and dramatic look- and boy, did it give us just that! It’s so big and so beautiful, it catches your attention the second you walk through the door! We’re head over heals.

Sink Faucet | Mirror | Wall Sconces | Cabinet Hardware

And last but certainly not least, the vanity! We’re so thrilled with how this section of the bathroom came together. As you can see we went with all chrome finishes for our faucetry. But spiced it up with black finishes for our lighting and mirrors, which really gave it the dramatic pop we were hoping for! It’s subtle and elegant- perfect for a master suite!

Accent Rug

One element of this wall that adds a lot of depth and texture is the handmade subway wall tile laid in a herringbone pattern. We went with a white grout for a very subtle reveal- and thought the results were perfect! 

Overall, we found balance in our very white bathroom space in the added accessories! Our client wanted to keep the materials light, bright and white! So we found it very important to add contrast through the lighting, artwork and decor. 

Make sure to check out our feature of this home on Lonny Mag by clicking HERE where we chat even more details! And stay tuned for a full behind the scenes reveal of the before and during process of this bathroom reno coming up next! 




This San Francisco, CA furnishing project is one of our favorites to date! We love it’s all around neutral color palette and simple + modern aesthetic. Just goes to show how much a little paint and new furnishings can really transform a space! So today we’ll be sharing the links to the same or similar looking products that we used to create the look so that you can too! Happy shopping!

sofa | accent chair | coffee table | media console | wall sconce 

bed | throw pillows | nightstands | similar wall sconces | wall paint | wall art

desk | desk chair | table lamp

similar dining table | black dining chairs | white dining chairs | similar tall vase | similar short vase




Our client’s bedroom needed some quick and simple upgrades so we transformed this beauty in a matter of weeks! We are obsessed with how it came together and are excited to share the images and links with all of you! Enjoy!

bed | similar stool | similar kilim pillow | similar throw blanket

nightstands | table lamps | round mirrors




Our first nursery project was an absolute dream! We loved helping this sweet family prepare for their first baby girl to arrive! Of course, they wanted baby Mabel’s room to reflect all things girly and pretty. So we found the most perfect elements to accomplish the exact simple + charming look they were going for. Prepping for a sweet baby girl to arrive? Recreate this Ames Interiors approved nursery look by shopping the links below! 

similar rockersimilar side table | table lamp | floor poof | similar rug | throw blanket | curtains | curtain rod

similar art print | geode rattlestacking rainbow | faux plant

crib | mobile




We received just a few simple photos back from our San Fransisco, CA furnishing project and they are beautiful! We love the simplicity + colors running throughout this unit. And it’s overall theme of serenity. You can create similar looks by shopping the products on our shared links below!

green sofa | art print | similar vase | similar marble bookends

bed | nightstands | wall sconces | wallpaper | throw pillow | throw blanket




We’ve received so much love over this project – so we’re finally here to share some sources with all of you! In the heart of downtown Boston, this unit is full of character. And each of the hand selected furnishings are just the icing on top! See what products we used to create the looks below. 

similar bed | nightstands | table lamps | rug | wall paint | art print | similar patterned throw pillow

art print | similar vase | faux greenery | similar dough bowl 

console table | art print

dining table | dining chairs | wall sconce | similar vases




This was such a fun furnishing project for us to complete. The client’s wanted to explore different colors and patterns, which made for some fun sourcing! Overall, they liked the idea of a modern style but wanted to incorporate some vintage look and feel items to add charm and character. We love how it all came together! And if you do too, you can recreate similar looks by shopping the items below. 

accent chair | jute rug | similar distressed rug | tv console | green paint color | large art print | other print

bed | nightstand | table lamp | vintage clock | wallpaper | similar artwork | throw pillow

bed | nightstands | table lamps | artwork | throw pillows | throw blanket




Digging into the details of one of our beloved furnishing projects today. We love this charming one bedroom apt. unit located in Boston, MA. Through our designs, we wanted to keep the look and feel of Boston’s exciting old world vibes alive. While using our own modern aesthetic, of course! Be sure to recreate the look by shopping the images below. 

similar dining table | dining chairs | artwork | wall sconce | wall paneling

similar bed | similar nightstand | similar table lamps | wallpaper | similar artwork | navy pillows | throw pillow