We absolutely love today’s create the look concept! This little bedroom vignette fills such a small corner of the room, but absolutely MAKES the space. Designed by The Effortless Chicyou can almost just tell that each piece purchased was so very thought-out. Every element adds a different layer of texture and warmth. And all around, creates the most perfect soft modern vibes! So we’ve mimicked a similar look for you to re-create in your own home. Make sure to shop the links below! 

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Truth is, sometimes we scroll through Pinterest for hours only wishing our home could look like the images we see. I bet we’ve all at one point said the words, “Ahh I wish I had that!” As we’re gawking over a sofa or chandelier. Yet we don’t even know where to begin when it comes to finding something similar!

Well if this is or ever has been the case for you, we’ve hopefully got you covered! These create the look posts are for you to implement really amazing designs within your own home. And today we’re sharing one very beautiful copy cat look of Brian Paquette’s stunning dining room design. 

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Before we jump into this post, let’s chat for just a second. Whether you’ve taken some time to peruse around the refreshed site or not, you may be able to tell already that we’ve made some changes to our design. And we’re excited about these new updates! With a fresh new due, we thought our blog posts deserved some love too. And we’ve got some wonderful new content to share with you all moving forward!

We’ve designed these “Create The Look” posts in hopes that you’ll be able to implement a stunning design into your home with only a handful of products. Simple, stream lined and to the point! Not to mention, statement items that are sure to transform your space into a statement work of art. 

And what better imagery to start us off than this one? An in-home office design via designer Ronan Lev.

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