Wallpaper fans where you at? We LOVE the look of a good bold wallpaper! Nothing makes a space pop quite like a contrasting color and intense pattern can. Don’t get me wrong, we love our clean white walls too. But every home needs a space where they can add a little drama to their decor. An eye catching, show stopping moment of beauty, is what I’m referring to it as! 

A great place to do this is always a powder bath! Why? Powder baths are not for every day use, but rather more for guest use. If there’s any bath that can get away with some intense color and pattern, it’s that one! We also love a good accent wall in a bedroom, or a mudroom or laundry room wallpaper.

But how creative is this upstairs corner vignette accent wall by Catherine Kwong

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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Like many of you, I’m sure you spent time gathered with family at a dining table enjoying delicious breakfast and dinner meals. If any of you were sitting there wishing to make some updates to your dining space, this post is for you! Today we’re sharing our favorite shoppable wood dining chairs.

We love the look of simple wood dining chairs lined up around a simple wood dining table. But who says a wood dining chair has to be plain and boring? These options have a mix of wood and cord, leather or cane, in different shapes, colors and designs. All sure to make a statement! Make sure to shop our favorites below.

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Hey friends! Today we’re introducing another new segment on the blog! If you’ve been here for awhile, you know that we use to do many a shoppable product posts. We wanted to implement this same platform in a much simpler way. Bringing you just a couple ideas of products to purchase that will impact your space for the better!

Today we’re talking about kitchen accessories. We believe that nothing feels totally complete until it’s styled!  It’s the finishing touches that really are the icing on the cake!  Whether you have open shelves or not, everyone needs something pretty on their countertops! Our go-to products are always:

1. Cutting Boards – Don’t be afraid to add a couple here and  a couple there. Add interest by finding cutting boards of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials! 

2. Storage Containers – Both practical and pretty. Add in some storage containers for your sugars, grains and pastas! Or find some decorative vases and pitchers. Any of these are great filler pieces! 

3. Kitchen Utensils – Because every kitchen needs tools for cooking, whether you’re a chef or not! Our favorite look is a container of curated wooden spoons. Can’t go wrong!

4. Shelving – Add a couple of open shelves so you can leave your most used items out to grab in a hurry. That’s right, no more digging through your drawers or searching your pantry high and low! Peg racks are also a great way to display your aprons and brooms for practical storage. 

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