Along side architects and builders, the AI team is here to bullet proof your new home designs. From floor plan layout, to cabinetry rendering, material selections, lighting design, plumbing picks, even down to furnishing selections. We’ll handle it all! All you have to do is sit back and watch as the plans we make on paper come to life!

Because who doesn’t love a good fixer upper? We love our older home projects! But we also know that uncovering your home’s nooks and crannies can generally expose unforeseen problems. Let us help guide this process for you! Transforming what your space once was into all that it can be!

From store front, to restaurant, to business office or hotel, the wonderful team at Ames Interiors is here to help! We can assure the most practical suggestions for floor plan and space planning. As well as a unique set of designs and selections that are sure to bring character to a space centered around your brand name.

Remodeling a newly purchased space? Updating your current space? Don’t let the hassle of remodels be a burden on you! Here at Ames Interiors, we’re here to help guide this process of demolition and construction. A worry free project with an incredible transformation is our promise! 

A virtual design service that allows us to provide services for any client! Not local to our Utah home? No problem! We’ll take a slightly different approach to our process with the same amazing end results! 

Feeling it’s about time to throw out the old sofa? How about an entire room refresh? No matter the space, Ames Interiors is here to see your project through to completion! And we promise to not overlook a single detail. Textures, materials, colors, patterns, styles and pieces that are sure to complete the look of the entire room.

We understand how tricky this area of design can be. From styling your open shelves, to dressing your bed, to hanging art for your gallery wall, we’ll put our touch on these finishing pieces! You’d be amazed at the difference these last items can make to a space! The AI team will leave your home looking complete!